Podcast Season 2023

Episode 33 : 5 Fears about Retirement

In this insightful conversation between Ed and James, they delve into the topic of transitioning to retirement. Ed and James explore a range of valuable tips to help individuals address both financial and non-financial concerns as they approach this significant life stage. From financial planning discussions to considerations about maintaining a fulfilling and purposeful lifestyle, these ideas should help provide direction for a happy next chapter. Whether it's securing one's financial future or finding new passions and interests, Ed and James offer practical examples from clients they’ve worked with to help people embark on this exciting journey with confidence and peace of mind.

Episode 32 : Seven Lessons to Learn About Money (At Any Age)

Join Ed and James for a 20-minute journey into the fascinating world of money, where they delve into the most valuable lessons about your financial behavior and mindset. Ed and James have decades worth of experience working with clients and share the most commonly forgotten lessons. In this episode, they explore relatable real-life scenarios and expert insights that help you make smarter decisions with your money. Whether you're aiming to save, invest, or simply gain a better understanding of your relationship with finances, this podcast equips you with the knowledge and mindset to thrive in your financial journey.

Episode 31 : Getting Wealthy vs. Staying Wealthy

We've all heard of the common financial tips on how to build wealth. Examples are to within our means and put money aside for our retirement, just to name a few. But what about when we've built up a solid nest egg and are close to needing to live off of it? In this podcast episode, we discuss how different the financial game is when we are close to the finish line, sharing our tips on what to consider at this stage of life.

Episode 29 : The Defined Benefit Plan Part 2: How does it work?

Episode 29 : The Defined Benefit Plan Part 2: How does it work? Ed’s Edge – Season 4, Episode 29 The Defined Benefit Plan is a pre-approved retirement plan solely for business owners or self-employed individuals who want to take advantage of massive tax savings each year in order to accelerate their retirement. We discussed [...]

Episode 28 : The Defined Benefit Plan Part 1: What is it?

Episode 28 : The Defined Benefit Plan Part 1: What is it? Ed’s Edge – Season 4, Episode 28 If you are a small business owner or independent contractor with a high income who is tired of paying the government too much in taxes, you need to watch this! This little-known, IRS pre-approved retirement plan [...]

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