SOS! Structure, Organize, & Simplify Your Financial Future

Ed’s Edge – Season 2, Episode 12

We all know SOS as a universal call for help but here’s a fun fact – it isn’t a phrase with abbreviated words as you might have assumed, it’s morse code! We took this as an opportunity to assign a meaning to it that’ll hopefully help you draw some neglected attention back to planning your financial future – Structure, Organize, & Simplify.

The more complex our financial lives can get, the more we desperately require some tools to help us wrap our minds and hands around preparing for our financial future. In this podcast, we discuss the incredibly important and often avoided area of our financial life, preparing your estate. Virtually no one is comfortable thinking about the future with you no longer a part of it, but it is so vital to step out of that discomfort to ensure you take the burden off of your loved ones when the time comes.

Here is a helpful template to help you document and organize your estate plan. You can use this as a simple reference for yourself AND your loved ones:

Download Template to Organize Your Estate Planning Information (Excel) »

Here is sample language to use in your Will or Codicil Will that explicitly designates how to handle your digital assets (Please consult a licensed attorney to implement)::

Download Sample Language »

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