Investment Tips in a Down Market

Ed’s Edge – Season 1, Episode 3

It was up for years. And then in March 2020, the stock market collapsed.

Now it’s back up, but inevitably, the stock market will go down again. How should you as an investor think about a down market?

And what should you do, if anything, when it happens again?

In this episode, Ed and James offer four sound investment tips when the market is down. One of those ideas is a concept called “tax loss harvesting.” Click on the link below to listen to the episode.

Tax loss harvesting is not for every situation when the market drops, and you need to talk to your advisor or accountant first, but at times, the idea can help an investor take a loss now and offset taxes on both gains from investments and from income.

That’s one of only four tips in this episode. Listen now and let us know what you think!


Ed’s Food for Thought

Ed has decided that instead of a foodie, he is actually a “chow hound.” We’re not quite sure of the definition of a chow hound, but it includes the idea of “really loves food a lot.”

In this episode, Ed discusses his love for the burgers at “Burger Social” in downtown Wheaton:

Burger Social

Address: 108 N Hale St, Wheaton, IL 60187

Phone: 630.480.0458

Online Menu: